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KasparsGoba_002_smallFilm director, photographer and journalist. In 1995 he started working for the magazine “Rigas Laiks” (Riga Time) illustrating his own articles and those of other authors. During the last two decades he has taken photos in Iceland, northern Russia, Siberia, the Far East, Roma ‘tabors’ in Latvia and Lithuania, and Kurdish areas in Turkey. Kaspars has taken part in contemporary art exhibitions in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Estonia and Lithuania with his documentary series. At the end of 2006 he published the photo album Icelanders. Between Glaciers and Lava, which received the prize of the Latvian Book Publishers’ Association as The Best Art Album of 2006.
Since 1996, Kaspars has also worked as a director, scriptwriter and cinematographer on more than 15 documentaries focusing on social and environmental issues. His documentary Seda. People of the Marsh was co-produced with filmtank hamburg GmbH for ARTE/NDR; in Latvia this film received a prize ay the National Film Festival “Lielais Kristaps” as The Best Document of the Century. His latest film homo@lv (2010) was the first documentary from Latvia to be screened at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 2012, after 10 years spent in documentary filmmaking, Kaspars returned to photography and started working on the photography series Islands of Riga, which was a Riga 2014 European Cultural Capital project, and resulted in a photo exhibition and book published at the end of 2014.



Strokins_portrets (1)Andrejs Strokins was born in Latvia, and graduated from the graphic printmaking class at the Art Academy of Latvia. In 2006, he started work as a professional photographer for AFI press photo agency. He has taken part in ISSP’s “Visual Narratives: European Borderlines” project and the Joop Swart Masterclass in 2014. Andrejs’ interest in long-term documentary projects increased after taking part in the ISSP summer school in 2009. Since 2011, he has worked on a freelance basis, and continues to pursue documentary projects based on the daily life of ordinary people. His work has been recognized by numerous awards, including Top 50 LensCulture Emerging Talents 2014, La Quatrième Image, and Kaunas Photo Star 2013.




Erdmane_portrets_byStrokinsInga Erdmane is a photographer and visual artist (from Riga, Latvia). Recently she moved back from Amsterdam to her hometown. In 2005 she graduated from the Social Sciences in Psychology at Riga Teacher Training and Education Management Academy. In 2012, she completed another Bachelor at the photography department oft he KABK (Royal Academy of Arts) in The Hague, the Netherlands. In January (2013), she had a solo exhibition in Riga, Latvia, at the Contemporary Art Centre (LCCA). From 2007 she has been an active participant in different group shows in Slovakia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Iceland, Latvia etc. She has several self-published book projects. Among others, 2012 Inga took part in «INexactly THIS», Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents in Amsterdam and was shown at The Rencontres d’Arles 2012 Vrai ou Faux? project screening. From 2013 she has been represented by DIRK K. BAKKER BOEKEN Amsterdam at Unseen Amsterdam, Photobookfestival Kassel & ParisPhoto 2014. In 2014 she took part of Rauma Biennale Balticum in Finland and contemporary art festival Survival Kit 6 in Riga, Latvia.




Has graduated from Norwegian School of Creativity in Trondheim in 2013. In conclusion of studies he made an exhibition of a street portrait of people and the culture in Jordan. He’s now studying media science where specializing in film at Norwegian university of science and technology in Trondheim. For him the portrait is the most interesting theme in photography.







photo melissa goldenGraduated with a Master-degree in environmental economics in 2005. Last year he finished the yearlong photojournalism program at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Terje´s photographic interest
lies at the intersection between art and documentary. He recently completed a long-term project in Oslo, covering the temporary societies that form each year on an island where the less fortunate of the capital come to pitch their tents every summer. The results will be published in the book “Norwegian Journal of Photography #2” in May 2015 by the Swedish publishing house Journal.





_MG_6276Freelance photographer. Obtained bachelor’s degree in media and art history. She has made art exhibitions that has been shown in different places in Bergen. Her photographies focus on people in their environment.








AneteObtained a bachelor’s degree in Music Technology from the University of West London and a master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Latvia. Anete has worked in the film industry as a sound
engineer, particularly focusing on documentaries. Her research interests
include visual anthropology, everyday practices and urban culture, and she has conducted research related to urban youth and the bike messenger community in Riga.




Elina.2Read cultural studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture and recently obtained a master’s degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology from the University of Latvia. In the perspective of anthropology almost everything interests her, yet
her main focus at this point is on political systems, state-society and state-individual relations, as well as art. Elīna is particularly interested in interdisciplinary collaboration. Currently she works as a freelance NFE trainer and is involved in fields of art education and cultural and creative industries.






LianaBenkeRead media and cultural studies at the University of Sussex (UK) and Malmö University (Sweden), and obtained a master’s degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology from the University of Latvia in 2011. Her research interests include visual anthropology, migration and transnationalism. Since 2012, teaches courses dedicate to visual anthropology and ethnographic film at the University of Latvia, as well as a visual anthropology course for
photographers at the ISSP School in Riga. Works at Association ISSP, organizing art events and educational activities within the field of contemporary photography, including the international community art project “Riga Self/portraits”.



Hanna_portraitSocial anthropologist obtained her master degree in University of Bergen. She has worked on popular religiosity and modern mysticism (Kabbalah) in Buenos Aires and is interested in topics such as self-transformation, identity, consciousness and theories of human being. She also has extensive experience from research coordination and administration, and worked for several years at a center for migration studies.

Hanna is also a chef of vegetarian cuisine and has coordinated a number of academic, cultural and artistic projects and events in Bergen. She has a passion for combining anthropology with other areas, especially of an artistic nature. She has since 2012 directed a social and cultural project concerning food waste and resource management. She has lately been living partially in Norway and Chile.



Portrait_Nina_BNina B. Dahl obtained a master’s degree in Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen in 2013. Her anthropological interests have mainly revolved around alternate notions of beauty ideals, and in 2012, she conducted a long-term fieldwork in India. This stay resulted in the master thesis To Cut or not to Cut: Female Beauty among Sikh Jats in Punjab, India and a book based on her field diary, which is still in the making. Nina has since graduation also been working as a freelance artist and illustrator. Among other things she has held an exhibition of coffee art with motives from India, Punjabis and Sikhism. Her research interests besides beauty ideals are many, foremost Asia, immigration and transnationalism.



Erik Sandvik

Erik Sandvik. Obtained masters degree in Anthropology in University of Bergen. Studied in American University in Washington DC. His research interests include every day practices and minority people living in other confession societies. He has spent time in Jordan to do research on focus of the Christian minority in Jordan.